Bag Raiders

The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the Sydney duo will prove that their best has only just begun. After years at work on their most exciting music yet, production dream team Jack Glass and Chris Stracey are now ready to share their highly-anticipated second album Horizons, arriving this year on Universal Music Australia. Horizons documents the journey Bag Raiders have been on since the release of their hugely popular debut in 2010, from club superstardom to world tours and one runaway viral meme.

Conceived, written and recorded all over the globe, it serves as a digital collage of more than five years of life, inspiration and experience. So Horizons became the perfect title for an album with a lot of history but, most importantly, an eye to the future. “Making this album has been a journey for us, a long one,” Chris says. “Horizons made sense because the closer you get to it, the further away it gets from you. We’re always moving toward something and we try to express that through the music.”