Cub Sport

Sometimes art and life intersect in ways that are unique, transcendent and thrilling, and such has been the case with the recent public metamorphoses of Brisbane four-piece Cub Sport.Love is a common motif in the Cub Sport story, and for a very good reason: it’s infused in everything they do. Cub Sport, their self-titled third studio album, is a musical representation of both where the band came from and where it is now, a bold new world built on the principles of acceptance, self-belief and the unwavering strength of love.

That they share their abundant energy – this “power that comes with awakening to who you really are”– so willingly with others is testament to the fact that right now Cub Sport are more than just a mere pop band, they’re an altruistic force of nature spreading empathy and joy in a manner that will ripplethrough society for generations. And it still feels in many ways like this is only the beginning.