I Know Leopard

I Know Leopard continue to establish themselves as one of Australia's most unique and exciting art pop outfits. The Sydney quartet explode their emotions into a musical kaleidoscope, finding catharsis in the ethereal bliss of pop’s plastic, proggy past. Over the past few years, six consecutive singles have been added to high rotation on Triple J, accompanied by sold out shows around the country.

In August 2018 the band released the single 'Landmine', which has truly been the outfit's biggest statement to date, followed by the equally infectious tracks “Heather” and “Seventy Lies.” Indicative of the lofty ambition inherent in their debut album, 'Love Is A Landmine', released on Ivy League Records in April 2019. It marked a new beginning for the band, revelling in shimmering 70's soft rock glory but it is the channelling of this influence into something different and new that has truly dazzled audiences.