Lee Reynolds

When most people imagine the typical DJ or rave-goer, they don't likely picture a 48-year-old grandfather. But Lee Reynolds, a DJ and co-founder of Desert Hearts music festival, has been a fixture of the Southern California dance music scene for decades now -- and he's seemingly just hitting his prime. Originally from England, Lee Reynolds moved to California in 1988 to ride BMX bikes.

After numerous injuries he switched his focus from one pair of wheels to another, and started DJing in '92, quickly beginning to throw parties in the San Diego area, and focusing on the ambient and psychedelic sounds of the time, an influence that has remained.

Reynolds co-founded Desert Hearts in 2012, when it started as a 200-person party in the lush forest of Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. Attendees still flock there each March, decked out in trippy cosmic patterns and fake furs. But now the attendance numbers 5,000, and thousands more support the Desert Hearts brand by going to their "City Hearts" events across the U.S. and adorning clothes and merchandise with the heart-shaped "DH" logo, which Reynolds designed himself.