Meg Mac

Meg Mac has one of the most breathtaking and profoundly soulful voices in music today; an expressive and emotive instrument that brings drama to her songs about vulnerability, self-worth and loss of identity. “My voice is who I am more than I can ever be,” Meg Mac says. “It’s when I can be free and say what I want.”

Following capacity shows in the US, UK, Europe and more than 20,000 tickets in sold out venues across Australia, Meg Mac releases her new album ‘Hope’; a powerful set of thoughtful and at times deeply personal missives.  This record was also indirectly informed by my past;” Meg explains. “I’d been reflecting on where I come from; particularly my Irish background, the music and singing that constantly filled my home – Irish music, soul music, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison were filtering throughout those early years.

Then while I was writing in New York I read Patti Smith’s book ‘Just Kids; a book filled with her past, a New York world of characters, poetry, art and music. It was rich and deeply inspiring”.