Rebūke may be a new name to most but he’s already making all the right moves. Rebūke is creating something new and genuinely exciting. A soundclash of house, techno and rave (yes rave) records from the early 90s melded together to create that elusive thing – an original sound of his own. And the name Rebūke? ‘It means ‘to intend to correct a fault’ which appealed to me.

I was getting bored with all the same old tech house I was hearing. I thought it was time to do something about that.’ he laughs. Rebūke is certainly ‘doing something about it’. Most recently his Rebūke/rave series has been causing a major stir with reimagined versions of rave era classics such as ‘Bombscare’ and ‘The Tape’ gaining glowing reviews from A list DJs.