Name on ticket policy — Beyond The CITY ticket

Beyond The City has a name on ticket policy, meaning that the name on your online ticket must match your ID. It is important that any ticket transfers are arranged ahead of time, or you run the risk of that ticket being invalid for your use on the day of the event.

Below are the instructions for you to process a name change:

Go to:

>> Click List a ticket

  1. Choose PDF tickets
  2. Upload your tickets
  3. Adjust the price slider to $1
  4. Before the final confirmation (in step 4), select the 'private listing' option
  5. Please note that a $10 ticket transfer administration fee has been set for this event. We will automatically add this to your selling price of $1.
  6. Send your unique link to the private listing to your friend (the new attendee)
  7. Get your friend to purchase the ticket and fill in their details
  8. Ticket will be reissued in your friend's name

If you are having any issues with the name change process please reach out to Tixel directly for assistance. You can contact Tixel here